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    Our Amazing Natural Products

    Look and feel your best with these unique natural formulas from Dr. Wayne Diamond! Read more

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    Fight Skin Conditions

    Fight against skin conditions with clear, healthy beautiful skin! Read more

  • Powerful Brain Nutrients

    Powerful Brain Nutrients

    The right nutrients in the right amounts for heightened brain function. Read more

  • Healthy For Your Pets

    Healthy For Your Pets

    The total skin support system to control your pet's skin conditions. Read more

  • Healthy For All Ages

    Healthy For All Ages

    Our amazing natural formulas are healthy and effective for all ages. Read more

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    Promote Healthy Living

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    Anti-Aging...Head To Toe

    Fight against aging with Resveratrol and 11 power anti-aging nutrients. Read more

Take Control
Dr. Wayne Diamond, a Philadelphia Naturopath and Psychotherapist for over 30 years is indeed a pioneer in alternative medicine. His holistic philosophy of addressing the mind and the body can be seen in the formulation of all of his superior vitamin formulas including Herpanacine Skin Support, DiamondMIND Targeted Mind Enhancer, Diamond Eye Health, Diamond Etern-L Internal Anti-Aging and Healthy Horizons Stress Fighting Mega Mineral Multi.

Used by clients worldwide, each of Dr. Diamond's award winning formulas is designed to help the user achieve a healthier lifestyle. The all-natural, proven ingredients in each formulation are very effective and have safely been used in alternative medicine for hundreds of years.
Herbal Remedies by Dr. Wayne Diamond
Diamond Herpanacine of PA is a family owned and operated company that offers anti-aging supplements and other products that will have individuals looking and feeling their best again. Sometimes people are overwhelmed with the combination of life, work, and everything in between. Individuals can also benefit from using an anti-stress supplement that studies show can leave them feeling more calm.

Many individuals face problems with the health of their skin and are searching for a way to make their problems go away. More and more, these people too are turning to alternative medicine and skin supplements.

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