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Diamond Herpancine Associates, with your health needs in mind, will now offer the following vitamins, at the best possible prices. These vitamins can be safely combined with our formulas, to greatly support your overall health and well-being from the inside.

During the past twenty years, while working as a Naturopathic Doctor, I've supported the use of a large variety of herbs and vitamins. I certainly recommend the use of all of our fine products, which are strongly effective, with ongoing use. Beyond our formulas, I recommend other natural substances, which can be easily used for a number of natural, medical preventive and therapeutic purposes.

Mega Omega-3 Retail $17.99    Our Price $14.99!    BUY
[90 Softgels] For the heart and the mind! Each softgel features a potent fish oil concentration delivering 550 mg. of Omega-3 essential fatty acids.
Allergy C Retail $28.99    Our Price $27.99!    BUY
[200 capsules] This potent, highly absorbable form of Vitamin C is buffered with Calcium and Magnesium, to be easy on the stomach and digestive system. For the past fifty years, Vitamin C has been recognized as one of the great detoxifiers of the entire body, while helping to raise immunity against colds, flu and other internal infections. Allergy C is made by Twin Labs, long recognized as making vitamins of the highest quality.
Vitamin B12 Retail $16.99    Our Price $13.99!    BUY
[2000 mcg / 100 lozenges] Considered as one of the most vitally important vitamins, B12 increases energy, by increasing the amount and quality of red blood cells. Adequate amounts of B12 are essential to the bodily healing process, and to the proper function of all vital organs. To my patients and my own family, I recommend the high dosage level of 2000 mcg daily.
Coral Calcium/Magnesium Retail $23.79    Our Price $21.99!    BUY
[90 capsules] Coral Calcium has been used by the Japanese for centuries. This highly absorbable form of calcium has been, in recent years, seen as being critically vital to overall health in both women and men. It increases bone density, especially vital to all women over the age of 35. Getting adequate amounts of calcium is essential to proper healing of any part of the body, but especially bones. Calcium and Magnesium are vital to getting a good night's sleep and waking up well rested. Coral Calcium has Magnesium and other trace minerals naturally occurring in its native form.
Co Q 10 Retail $39.99    Our Price $26.99!    BUY
[30 mg / 120 capsules] This vital enzyme has many important, supportive functions. It improves overall circulation, energy and the healing process of the skin, by increasing the size, mobility and quality of red blood cells. Co Q 10 has been recognized as slowing down the process of the skin appearing older. For this reason, it is often added to very expensive skin creams.
Chromium Retail $10.49    Our Price $7.99!    BUY
[200 mcg / 90 capsules] A regulator of glands, it can be added to any weight loss process, while helping to increase energy. It can also help correct chronic low blood sugar, and thus help to eliminate those drops in afternoon energy that many people experience.
L-Carnitine Retail $38.29   Our Price $24.99!    BUY
[500 mg / 60 tablets] A natural "fat burner" it helps in weight loss, while increasing energy. This is accomplished by L-Carnitine through the conversion of fat to glucose. This broken down fat then becomes eliminated by the body.
Bromelain Retail $54.99    Our Price $24.99!    BUY
[1200 units / 90 capsules] A naturally occurring enzyme in pineapples, Bromelain is a powerful digestive aid, and has been widely used for its ability to help as an anti-inflammatory.
Supreme Green Tea Retail $18.99    Our Price $14.99!    BUY
[200 mg / 60 capsules] Increase energy. Studies show it may slightly speed the metabolism, so many people use it for weight loss. Also detoxifies the blood.
Vitamin E Retail $16.99    Our Price $11.99!    BUY
[400 IU / 90 Softgels] One of the most important vitamins needed by the body. Has been shown to supply oxygen to all muscles of the body, while promoting healthy skin and hair.
Skin Mist with Essence of Orange & Jasmine Retail $25.00    Our Price $17.99!    BUY
[8 oz.] Showers distressed skin with natural soothers... energizes the spirits. Non-alcohol, ph-balanced. Mist over fact after cleansing or anytime your skin needs a refreshing, re-hydrating boost.

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