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Pink Himalayan Mineral Bath Eucalyptus - 2 lbs.
Pink Himalayan Mineral Bath Eucalyptus - 2 lbs.
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Naturally relaxing Mineral Bath Salt Eucalyptus is concentrated with beneficial minerals that work to detoxify the body, stimulate circulation, ease aching muscles and joints, soften the skin, and provide deep relaxation. Masada salts have been physician recommended for over 25 years. Masada Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salt Eucalyptus Highlights: •Helps relieve cold symptoms •Clears sinuses •Relieves aches and pains •Softens skin •Draws out toxins •Relaxes tense muscles Masada Dead Sea Mineral Salts are like a bandage for what ails you. Exclusive Masada Dead Sea Mineral Salts are 100% natural, imported in unprocessed form from the southernmost part of the Dead Sea, where mineral concentration is richest. The combination of these essential minerals- Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium- does amazing things for both mind and body. Masada Dead Sea Salts are superior quality to other sea salts on the market! You will feel the difference!

Amount: 2 LBS