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Herpanacine Skin Support

By law, we had to remove the skin condition names and replace with either "outbreak" or "skin conditions." No other wording on any testimonial has been changed.

We know how miraculous these formulas are, but don't take our word for it...

"Herpanacine is the best!"  Graciela A. of El Paso Health Food Center, El Paso, Texas

"Finding your ad in the health food magazine is a dream come true. I really appreciate what you're doing. Thank you so much."Marie J. of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"I tried Herpanacine. Now after a month and a half I am overjoyed! As a manager a GNC store I see products come and go... but I stand behind Herpanacine 110%! Thank you for giving me my skin back. I can't wait to try the other products in the line." Maria T. of Avon, Indiana

"For the past four years I've been on Dr. Diamond's Herpanacine formula. I am very grateful for Dr. Diamond and the work he has done in this area for myself and others." Nancy W. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Was taking four to six a day in the beginning. Now two a day is sufficient along with vitamins. Thanks for starting me on this!!" Theresa C. of Waterbury, Connecticut

"I'm writing to report my satisfaction with the Herpanacine formula ." * Bill H., Ph.D. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"My skin is much better Ernest M. of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

"I can show my face in the light of day now, proudly." Elza V. of Valencia, California

" I highly recommend Herpanacine, but you have to be patient. It takes at least a few months for some people (like me!) to reap the benefits!"  Tracy C. of Rutland, Vermont

"Herpanacine is a great product!"  Johnny G. of Greensboro, North Carolina

"In my rural practice, three patients have started and continued taking Herpanacine regularly with very successful results, one of them being my wife, for which I am grateful!"  Dr. Keith B., D.C. of Salem, Oregon

"It's a fantastic product! "  Cathleen M. of Dover, New Hampshire

"Herpanacine helped me tremendously." Steve D., Ph.D. of Asheville, North Carolina

"Since I have been taking your product, I have noticed an incredible difference. I will definitely continue to use your product!"  Wendy V. of DuBois, Pennsylvania

"Herpanacine has changed my life!!"  Robert E. of Kingsport, Tennessee

"Herpanacine has made an amazing difference in my son's skin! Thanks a lot! He looks and feels 100% better!"  Marilyn S. of Wichita, Kansas

"Everything is great! My friends love it, too. Thanks for making such a wonderful product."  Amy S. of West Palm Beach, Florida

"I am thrilled beyond all expectations! Thank you!"  Leslie F. of San Rafael, California

"I'm in debt to Dr. Diamond . I can't tell you what it's done for me emotionally and for my personal self esteem to have my skin respond to Herpanacine. I knew if I kept pursuing a natural way something would happen. Miracle of miracles it did thanks to Dr. Diamond... Continue in your pursuits, God bless you for the help you've given many people."  Vivian M. of Massapequa Park, New York

"So glad I discovered Herpanacine! I now realize that the natural way to go is the best!"  Terri R. of Plainfield, New Jersey

"I've been meaning to contact you regarding your products AND your kindness! I started to purchase Herpanacine in 2007.  I spoke to Olga from the Vitamin Shoppe in Springfield, Delaware County (Pennsylvania), and she suggested I use your product Herpanacine. Not only that, but she also mentioned that you had visited that location and perhaps if I phone you could speak with me. I did and YOU did take the time to answer all of my questions! Thank you for your wisdom and concern. Herpanacine  is the first thing I reach for in the morning. In addition, Olga suggested I include Diamond Etern-L into my supplement regimen, which I did and also love. Thank you for such tremendous products and your dedication to my health. A very satisfied and appreciative customer! - Susan P. of Springfield, PA

"I saw an ad for Herpanacine. It was only two weeks when I noticed a difference. I feel better physically and emotionally because I know I look better. I will recommend Herpanacine to others I meet. Feel free to use any part of this letter to help others. A BIG THANK YOU!"  Ruth S. of Piscataway, New Jersey

"This is an excellent holistic product and especially great as it leaves out all the guess work in combining herbs. I've decreased to two caps a day and look and feel great! (I slowly decreased from six tabs daily.)"  Lisa W. of Stillwater, New York

"I know you've probably heard this a million times, but your product is wonderful! I started taking Herpanacine a little over a year ago. I can't believe the difference in one year. My skin is getting beautiful for the first time since I was an adolescent! I feel better about myself because my skin is in great condition and getting better all the time. I will never stop taking this supplement! Thank you again for a wonderful product that allows us to have a healthier life!"  Millie F. of New York, New York

"I am amazed at the results I have gotten after only a short time with Herpanacine. I tried virtually everything. I saw an ad for your product and thought it was worth a try. The results were not dramatic instantaneously, rather, I slowly noticed a decrease. Then I noticed the larger changes. It is positively astounding what your product has done for my face. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!"  Christine F. of Hartford, Connecticut

"Very good results after my first year of using Herpanacine... Getting better every day. Best product I have ever used for skin."  Edwin L. of Statesville, North Carolina

"Thanks to God and your wonderful formula Herpanacine, which I take faithfully, I have improved 100%. I feel like a new person and my depression is so much better because I feel good again. Thank you so very much for Herpanacine, and for caring enough to make the formula. I will continue to take Herpanacine forever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and God Bless you and all your staff. Please use my letter as a testimonial. I hope it can help someone else who is suffering and they will have the same relief and joy I have."  Betty B. of Boaz, Alabama

"Herpanacine really works from the inside out, and is a huge help for skin... Before I sign-off -- I've got to say it again. Herpanacine really works!"  Jackie F. of New York, New York

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