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By law, we had to remove the skin condition names and replace with either "outbreak" or "skin conditions." No other wording on any testimonial has been changed.

We know how miraculous these formulas are, but don't take our word for it...

"I give Herpanacine to my dogs. It's so wonderful. It keeps their coats so beautiful. So grateful for such a good product. Their health is my priority and when they are healthy and well I am happy. Herpanacine helps me be a good mom to them. "  Jody F. of Highland, New York

"Thanks for a great product!"  Linda W. of Westland, Michigan

"I have really noticed a difference after using Herpanacine."  Meredith H. of Kingsport, Tennessee

"I use Herpanacine. It really works from the inside out and is a huge help for skin!"  Jacqueline F. of New York, New York

"Herpanacine is a wonderful herbal combination."  C.J. F. of Houston, Texas

"When I started taking the Herpanacine formula, I saw the results... I am proud to be your customer. Herpanacine really works! I really have not found a skin formula that works as well as Dr. Diamond's. It's the best!"  Dianne K. of Memphis, Tennessee

"I have noticed a great improvement since I have started taking Herpanacine."  Danielle W. of Imlay City, Michigan

"I've seen improvements of my skin after two weeks of taking Herpanacine."  Daphne H. of Norman, Oklahoma

"My skin has greatly improved. It has a healthier appearance. Thank you." James A. of West Milford, New Jersey

"I always have to take Herpanacine."  Lori K. of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

"I'm very appreciative of this natural formulation. Thanks."  Mark A. of Westland, Michigan

"I asked my local health food store to order it for me, now they keep it on supply."  Kay P. of Somerville, Alabama

"My complexion is looking much better. My skin looks healthier. I love Herpanacine. Your product helped my skin and my self-esteem!!! Thank you."  Julie S. of Coraopolis, Pennsylvania

"This is a miracle formula that works!"  Amy W. of Yorba Linda, California

"I cannot go a day without Herpanacine. It is a lifesaver."  Maryrose F. of Clarksville, Tennessee

"Thank you very much for an 'All Natural' skin formula. There's so many chemicals out there, your product is an enjoyable alternative. Thank you."  Jerry D. of Newberry Springs, California

"After taking Herpanacine, I've noticed such a beautiful improvement in my skin. Baby soft. Dr. Diamond is a Godsend!! Thank you!"  Melanie F. of Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Upon my recent marriage it was time to become serious about my skin. Upon taking six capsules a day and paying attention to the suggested diet I have been able to enjoy all aspects of married life without concern. I heartily endorse your product if taken in the manner suggested."  Robert C. of Portland, Oregon

"The consistent use of three capsules of Herpanacine seems to maintain the health of my skin."  Steve D., Ph.D. of Asheville, North Carolina

"I used Herpanacine for about four months, with complete success!"  Jennifer S. of Sarasota, Florida

"Herpanacine is tremendous. I noticed progress in a month and each month things improve. Now it's a given. Thank you for offering this great product."  Jenny E. of Anchorage, Alaska

"I began taking Herpanacine at Christmas time...It works better than I ever expected. "  Claire Q. of Chicago, Illinois

"Herpanacine works great!!"  Dana L. of Statesville, North Carolina

"The product is great! "  Richard S. of Greenwich, Connecticut

"Got improvement after two months. I ran out for two weeks, took another month to regulate. Herpanacine is great."  Donnie E. of Santa Cruz, California

"When my health food store didn't have Herpanacine in, she gave me a bottle of another skin-type product. After one month, I knew I had to get back to taking Herpanacine. Thank you for a wonderful product."  Pam D. of Donnelly, Idaho

"Herpanacine has helped me enjoy a clear complexion, as does my husband."  Daneen B. of Humboldt, Kansas

"Best thing in the world . Thank you."  Diane A. of Cheverly, Maryland

"It really is incredible!."  Rosemary L. of Yonkers, New York

"I have followed Dr. Diamond's suggestions. I feel better, I look better. Thank you."  Marcia C. of Detroit, Michigan

"I believe Herpanacine works and I tell anyone I meet in the health field about it, including my dermatologist. Thank you for a wonderful product."  Kevin M. of Wantagh, New York

"For the first time in a very long time, my face has no problems. I attribute this to Herpanacine. "  Debbie B. of Lowell, Massachusetts

"I noticed an improvement after two weeks. I am very satisfied with the results. Thank you." Betheda M. of Rowland, North Carolina

"I'm very happy I discovered you. I'm not self conscious about my face anymore."  Georgina L. of Green Bay, Wisconsin

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