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By law, we had to remove the skin condition names and replace with either "outbreak" or "skin conditions." No other wording on any testimonial has been changed.

"I have been taking Herpanacine three tablets daily. I am writing to tell you how pleased I am, and to let you know I will be purchasing Herpanacine at our health food store forever! I love it. It has improved my life. I am sold on Herpanacine!"  Carol R. of Sarasota, Florida

"The stuff works great! I even recommended it to my grandmother. I'm just glad I was able to find out about your products!"  Debi C. of Jewett City, Connecticut

"I love Herpanacine! I've been taking it since mid-1996."  Tracey K. of Denver, Colorado

"I am a fifty-year-old male. I have used many products formy skin. Some were very expensive. Your product works, it really works!"  Tim F. of Ramsey, New Jersey

"Herpanacine is a miracle!"  Donald H. of Bloomingdale, New Jersey

" Overall skin texture is smooth and soft. I love this product!"  Rena H. of St. Michael, Michigan

"After years, the problem has finally gone away thanks to Herpanacine. It is truly a wonderful product."  John D. of Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

"Herpanacine has helped me. When working with children I would become ill every three days. Now I haven't been sick since then at all. Thank you!"  Carol L. of Woodbridge, Virginia

"I'm 66 and happy to find Herpanacine in the book Prescription for Nutritional Healing. It helped. People who know me see the changes."  Anita M. of Hercules, California

"I am amazed at my skin with Herpanacine. It is so smooth. It is wonderful!"  Debbie D. of Manville, New Jersey

"I started taking Herpanacine, my skin looks better than it has in years! Thank you Dr. Diamond and crew! I wouldn't be without my Herpanacine."  Kim M. of Perrysburg, Ohio

"Herpanacine is the only formula that keeps my skin clear and wonderfully soft."  Sabine A. of Napa, California

"Thank you for your miracle!"  Liliane S. of Milford, Massachusetts

" It really works well for me!  Joy S. of Lyons, Colorado

"Just want to let you know how pleased I am with your product. I'm very thankful that I saw your ad. It's changed my self-esteem. Thank you for your wonderful product that really works."  Diane L. of N. Royalton, Ohio

"I am so satisfied with the results that I will probably use this for the rest of my life. Thank you."  Kathy F. of Aurora, Colorado

"This is such a relief. I didn't really believe it would work, but it did. I would not exchange the positive results for anything. Thank you."  Carol T. of Tampa, Florida

"The day that I saw your ad was one of great importance to me, because it has truly changed my life. There are not enough words in my vocabulary to tell you what a wonderful product you have and how extremely grateful I am for having found Herpanacine! I am certain I will be using this product for as long as I live. Thank you for saving my life (and face)!!"Alexandra C. of Boston, Massachusetts

"Herpanacine has been wonderful! I can't imagine not having it. My skin feels and looks great!"  Jenise A. of Burbank, California

"Herpanacine is a great product."  Edwin L. of Statesville, North Carolina

"I am so thrilled and deeply grateful! Thank you, thank you! Enclosed is a check to cover four bottles and I shall use this product FOREVER! Again, a most heartfelt THANK YOU and of course you may use my testimony anywhere!"   Barbara M. of Palmdale, California

"Skin is looking great!"   Stewart S. of Antioch, Tennessee

"It's difficult to contain my enthusiasm for your product - you've changed my life. Herpanacine - unbelievable! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!"    Nancy W. of Glenmoore, Pennsylvania

"I always take Herpanacine. They are my lifesaver."  Suzanne M. of Scottsdale, Arizona

"Herpanacine really works!"   Caroline O. of Vero Beach, Florida

"I feel great when taking Herpanacine. I believe these vitamins truly work."   Emily A. of Aurora, Colorado

"It's almost like a miracle."   Richard M. of Westminster, Maryland

"I really feel Herpanacine helped my dog. She looks great. I will recommend it to some holistic vets and to lots of people I know treating their dogs holistically. Thanks! Keep up the good work!"  Jody F. of New York, New York

"This product is great, not only for physical reasons, but emotional ones as well."   Gina Q. of Brooklyn, New York

"I had become so depressed and read about your product in Psychology Today. I had almost given up, but considered alternatives... Thanks, guys, this could have become a tragedy... Kindest regards."    Tracy C. of Atlanta, Georgia

"When taken regularly, it works! Thank you so much!"    Judy L. of Portland, Oregon

"Great product."  Kimberly B. of Paton, Iowa

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